Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moving as Being - Letting go of conscious body control

‘Moving as Being’ Standing Meditation
“Letting Go of conscious control of one’s body”

I recommend doing this meditation after ‘spiritual awakening’ as it allows you to practice ‘moving as being’, or letting go of moving yourself using voluntary control of body muscles using one’s mind. If you have not experienced a spiritual awakening yet, don’t let that stop you, if you are drawn to try it – go ahead – one must first and foremost follow one’s heart. Given how this technique is primarily a meditation and is done standing, it is thus powerful and will benefit anyone if they do it. All by itself, it is a powerful meditation, and can further your healing and spiritual awakening process.

The transformation healing process of human beings, is an evolutionary one and we are all within it at different stages, whether it is at level of pre-awakening, spiritual awakening or kundalini transformation, the process has at it’s root that of changing one’s body and mind (nervous system) away from a duality nervous system (split body, left/right brain, reflected world) response to ultimately one of spontaneous, unified, non-reflected and direct reaction to one’s environment. These changes in the body happen gradually over time and by themselves every time when one enters the state of no-mind or deep meditation, as when energy is withdrawn from the brain (one is not using it), it is only then that changes to the organization of the brain itself can be done. These episodes of no-mind activity can happen in other ways besides that of deliberate meditation or spiritual practices. They can happen in a trauma, a shock, by looking at extreme beauty or nature as well as meditation - what they all have in common is a sudden onset of forgetting oneself totally; one’s mind goes totally quiet. In this space one is changed.

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Poem: Balance Happens By Itself

Balance Happens By Itself

Balance existed while simply riding the bike
euphoria arose when one forgot oneself
like this, the bike and the rider are one.

Attaching to sensation of euphoria
wanting it to last forever - oneness dissolves
split arises - clinging to material desire.

The rider and the bike no longer as one
the center is lost when clinging to edges
loss of balance - crashing to the ground.

Brushing off the red cheeks and dust
activated reflecting 'story telling' view
rating value of self from outside opinions.

Interpretation of happenings by storyteller
is reflected eyes we all use to view our world.
How you see it, how you think they see it - give these no heed.

No story is more or less valuable than your own
all stories are just a story - neither holds truth
relaxing your need for continuous commentary.

Yet, the euphoria moment remains as a memory
a light under the dark cloud that took it's place
leaving one to wonder how to get back there again.

Looking squarely at happening - seeing your truth
you fell off the bike because you started daydreaming
laughing at your folly, you get back on the bike again.

Practice makes perfect...

March 31, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Transformation II

Transformation II

A low vibration
can’t see high vibration thought
silence rarely is.
Constant chatter weaves the dream
locking one in world of mind.

Extreme suffering
turning point – asking questions
ear tuned to high pitch.
Listen – intent for answer
vibration rises – Silence.

Changed in an instant
thoughts at times now visible
small hole in veil.
Surrender voice for silence
source alters mind – view expands.

March 10, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tanka Poem: Transformation


Deep meditation
Holding breath - I will NOT think!
crossing the threshold...


QUIET!!! Deep sleep feels like death
AWAKE!!! Old gives space for new.

March 9, 2009