Monday, February 23, 2009

Thoughts regarding past lives

Question: "If you could live any time in history, when would you want to have been born and why?

Answer: Thoughts regarding past lives

Lately I've been thinking about past lives, about who I might have been, in what shoes I walked and what might be my purpose this time around. While I don't have answers to this right now, I do have a more general idea about past lives. Lately I recognized that I have always been around, that what I was experiencing right now was only a momentary viewpoint. When I ask “Who Am I?” then I don't feel like anybody in particular, instead I feel like I've been everybody. I feel like I've lived continuous lives and have been present in every point in the past history of this planet. My life feels to me like just one viewpoint of every life that has ever existed.

Some people ask if you could choose a time in history to go back to, what would that be, or if you could go into the future at what time would you like to go. I see that I have zero desire to go back into the past, as I realize I've already been there. I have zero desire to look into the future, because I know it hasn't happened yet, and what I might see would only be a projection coming out the current trend.

I feel content to just live this life and experience it as fully as possible. Looking at it this way, I see all the life forms as being a manifestation of ONE, but all simply having a different perspective about it. Seeing things this way, then the uniqueness that I sometimes feel as myself, disappears and I no longer feel significant. It also gives me another way to look at the current happenings.

When I see how much suffering is going on today, and I hear talk about people not wanting to bring children into the world today, I can understand why they feel like that. But also I see that this world today of growing suffering, misery and sickness is also that which is provoking all life forms into more rapid transformation - so I see there is also a sense behind it. It follows that anyone born today will face difficulty and challenges much greater than in the past, but also because we've experienced all this past before, we are already prepared and ready to face these kinds of challenges, as challenge is what helps us to evolve. I see that these dark days are having the affect to further the growing process of all. As we have all been here numerous times before, and collectively have experiences coming out of all phases of human history, then I see that we are just here again, participating together in the current happening, and this is what we should embrace - the life we have here right now and being participants in our co-existence.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is Personality and How to Go Beyond it?

What is Personality and How can we go Beyond it?
Dialog with Betsy & BeiYin

BeiYin: What is personality? Is personality an illusion?

Betsy: personality is due to the organization of the current human brain/body, so it produces an inside reflected view or inner sensing of all that we encounter through our senses. We say its illusion because we come to find out that what is reflected inside, we identify with as ourselves, as 'me' and eventually come to find out that this reflection is not us, but rather due to internal mirroring neurons, or sensing capabilities of the brain. At this moment, then this structure of organization of our brains, has served its purpose, to encounter our true essence or the creator of the reflected image. At this point of self-knowledge then can come the breaking down and reorganization of this structure in the brain's nervous system - to eliminate the reflecting organization of the brain, but this rewiring only happens by a process of non-doing, with needs no intention by you, this non-doing is time spent in the state of meditation. The doing is done by making avail of the energy you were holding in 'static form of personality' (conditioned aspects) and transforming it into a new structure, which results in a healing or metamorphosis or reorganization of the mirror into direct sensing and response.

BeiYin: The tendency to survive is inbuilt for all animals. In humans, we see this instinct morphing in complexity, as one uses one’s mind to conjure up infinitely varied ways to defend one’s system.

Betsy: yes, the problem being humans are identified with the nervous system structure itself, which holds patterns of using energy in certain ways, with the old habit to try to survive and keep oneself intact. Thus one holds energy in certain forms, mostly due to beliefs, and finds other ways to do the same when old ways no longer work. The only way out of this game is to spend time in non-doing (deep meditation) with no concept. You will know if it's working, if you are doing non-doing right, if you are healing/changing in profound ways, which can't be pretended or imagined.

BeiYin: 'Personality' starts when consciousness is developed enough that the individual is self aware and this probably starts with the development of senses and their reflection caused by reactions of the system, then realized as body sensations, emotions and thoughts. In this phase there exists no observer separated from the observed, the consciousness exists only through reactions within the system and - there is a total identification with these reactions. Reactions are felt as "I" and out of this the individual gains one's feeling of existence, being limited to body sensations, emotions and thoughts - forming one's 'personality'.

Betsy: Good description of how it comes about. I would add that how one feels oneself as "I" is appropriate for that person’s state of evolution. So one feels as me whether one is identified with one's reflection of not, one is always 'me' having a journey and each day one is different - so that's the constant factor. What is missing here is that one's body organization limits what what can receive. So when one is sick, then one notices one's awareness is reduced and might then trip on a wire around a pallet. The lower one's awareness the less one can receive, and the harder it is to be meditative. The idea that one can access being while in body without being limited by the health of energy flows going through is false. One’s body reflects one's realization, as it is with all forms, energy=matter and matter= energy. People think they can miraculously heal without having to go through pain as the tissues change and to do something to get it done, that isuntil they actually go through the healing process, and then realize that body is part of their reality.

BeiYin: Being aware of one's existence is the beginning of consciousness in a 'higher life form', but of course this doesn't mean that evolution ends here. It is a beginning, although still primitive, like we are observing on planet Earth, where very few humans are capable to go beyond this basic step.

Betsy: Being aware of one's existence is probably the biggest trap that keeps humans from taking further steps in evolution. They think they've arrived, and there is nothing more to do. Many people have taken this basic step, but not too many go further that it. There are levels to one's ability to be aware in daily life. So one decides to be aware in a moment where one feels awareness is more necessary or prudent to do. Then one starts to meditate. The longer one stays like this' just being aware', and then one's bodily vibration rises. As long as one can hold like this, then the vibration will keep accelerating. The higher the vibration, the more one can see/receive and the more spontaneous/intuitive one can respond to whatever one needs to. Because one can do this at will, then one feels that one is aware, and why one gets confirmation and also why one doesn't feel a need to do more. Yet what one doesn’t know is that there are levels above one's current capability.

BeiYin: planet Earth is still in it's beginning of evolution of consciousness, there is no doubt when one looks at the reality of humanity: War, fighting all over the planet, growing of systems by swallowing others, many millions of humans are starving and suffering not even having the minimum means to survive, while others live in abundance on the costs of others. Then there are millions with 'incurable' diseases, because the established systems are purely materialistic, representing the still primitive state of consciousness. To say it clearly: 'Personality' is NOT something bad or negative, it is a step in evolution, although it seems that humanity is stuck on this step and has difficulties to progress, what could have as a result that humanity is destroying itself - many signs point to this.

Betsy: it all depends on how you want to look at it, is the cup 1/2 full or 1/2 empty? As an old form breaks down, then it starts to crack and weaken and one can see this as what's happening all over the planet from all sides, of environment, weather, people, resources, etc. I think the majority of people have big egos today, having accumulated enough energy in form through experiences. So saying, they are rigid and full of energy in static form which is what makes a big ego, thus they have sufficient energy 'stored' to fuel the transformation into being or wellness and the possibility that it is released in parts comes more near the worse it gets physically outside. So I see all as well, a part of nature and to be expected.

BeiYin: But as all systems have the inbuilt urge to survive, the same with the systems on a more complex level, so the planet Earth might defend itself, supported by the next higher system the 'Sun'.

Betsy: you are right the earth will react, but also I see it not so distinct. What I see are periods of repeating growing cycles on earth, as can be seen from evidence of previous ice ages. So when reaching the end of a cycle, then there is the highest evolutionary form, which is stressed to transform, which is human. The sun also as it ages is increasing it's frequency or pulse over time, so all forms are being subject to higher vibrations, which also serve to shake us up more and make us sick. We either go with the flow or resist, so the choice is ours in the end.

BeiYin: What happens when the human system gets stuck on the step of having build up one's 'personality' - even up to a highly sophisticated state?

Betsy: when one is stuck, then one won't survive, one will get sicker, until one is forced to look at it and recognize the reality, that one is not transforming, but rather holding onto keeping oneself as one sees oneself. There’s not much you can do about somebody being stuck in high sophistication, just let nature take it's course. When they get sick enough, then that's the opportunity for them to take a closer look, if they can't do that then they will have to wait to the next lifetime and have another round of experiences. All is good.

BeiYin: Then the inbuilt tendency shows up and this is the longing and urge to overcome limitations and boundaries. If this need in one's growing process is suppressed by the other tendency of the system to hold oneself together, then the stuck system is cracked up by happenings from the outside and/or from the inside like disease on one or more levels: Body, emotions and mind. If these are treated with chemicals, then there can't be any 'healing' (which is a natural part of the evolutionary growing process), but by treating only the material aspects the system stays stuck and can only be 'cracked' by its death.

Betsy: right, I think I said that above in other words. I see the disease itself as part of the healing process, so all treatments that we try to do to 'heal ourselves' interfere with the higher wisdom of the bodies way to heal itself. To distinguish states in body of health versus being sick is hard to define, I see all as one process. Sickness / symptoms are signs of healing and should not be interfered with. So to not interfere is as simple as being meditative as much as possible, trusting this is enough and allowing one's healer 'time' to do what is necessary. Yet, simply doing a non-doing for humans to heal themselves is nearly an impossible request. If they've advanced far enough then they want to take credit for having healed themselves, and do all kinds of treatments, supplements, exercises, etc. then when they get a result, they say: I did it, all is vanity for humans. Probably all the treatments were unnecessary, just for confirmation, and the actual healing if it happened was due to having spent enough time spend in meditation, nothing more. Okay, all treatments if better than one's normal operating state will rise one's energy, so they can all help 'our healer' do it's job. But the most effective way to rise one's energy is simply to do effective meditation

BeiYin: In one's individual growing process there might come the moment when the 'personality' has grown to such an extent that all gained and collected properties don’t give satisfaction anymore. After turning around oneself again and again, the question might arise, what is the sense of all this? Also it might happen, that wishes and desires are not being fulfilled because of daily reality and then frustration is accumulating up to the moment when emotional reactions are causing disease: Depression, stress and distortion.

Betsy: then one realizes that one is doing all these things, and one still feels lousy, one is not getting better doing things in the way one is used to doing them. At that moment one simply gives up trying and when one does, one goes quiet, and it is s just this 'surrender' that starts or restarts the healing process. For example, cancer can be a wake up call, to ‘give up’; when one's physical life is truly threatened.

BeiYin: The strong 'personality' is shattered and comes near to collapse. But as there were many different concepts integrated in one’s personality, so also those of 'spirituality' with images of worlds beyond daily reality. This will be the moment when the individual needs those concepts to survive and it might serve and help for some more time.

Betsy: Energy held in form as personality is very complex and has many layers built up over many lifetimes. One can't release it all at once, it is released bit by bit, and each time a bit is released it's converted into a small part of new nervous system. Thus it's a biological process and happens as metamorphosis' the old energy taken from previously being held in form, being used to build the new form. Releasing of personality also echoes the healing process, it happens in reverse order of how things were accumulated, the newest thing you added on, or the last disease you see is healed first, and so it goes down to the deepest level of cause. The more one heals, the deeper levels one can heal, and as higher levels of vibration in body are needed to heal deeper aspects such as are buried in fetal imprinting, bone alignment and DNA inherited and ancestral aspects. One can't let go of oneself/clinging totally all at once; one has to slowly let go of all that previously defined oneself, bit by bit. Physiologically it's impossible, your nervous system can't transform that fast. The process will stop whenever one won't let go of a belief, and one can go into reverse awareness and reverse health, if one won't let one's body heal/transform. So if one is playing a mind game with oneself, a sure sign is that one's health is not improving, one's awareness is not rising. The body doesn't lie (one's realized aspect), but listening to what we tell ourselves, is certainly not to be trusted.

BeiYin: Given how one’s realization exists conceptually, this image can't fill the upcoming void. The disturbed individual tries all kind of techniques to gain back one's balance: Meditation, Sun gazing, yoga, Tai Chi, psychotherapy, prayer, etc. And in fact it helps: The rigid structure of personality is loosening up, is melting into new and unknown fields of being. Irrational influences find their way into the individual’s perception, like intuition and self-expression, which has as source something not existing in one’s personality.

Betsy: meditation can be done to try to gain something or not. If one is not done trying to gain for oneself, then all is used to keep one intact. But doing these kinds of things, it can certainly back-fire, so good... either way, when one gains insight into ways one is staying the same, then these are what allow one to take further steps, to not do that anymore and then be open to find out another way 'one is fooling oneself'. Confirmation one is on the right track eventually comes in a different form, beyond anything one can think of, it's direct and quite amazing.

BeiYin: Slowly the measurements of values are changing. What seemed to be important before is less significant and is not needed anymore to give satisfaction, because new more subtle possibilities are discovered.

Betsy: as we change our whole perspective changes, each time we change this happens and we slowly get used to a life where daily change becomes part of our reality. Living is then a joy, as one isn't clinging to judgments, problems and negativity, one is healthy, free from pain and resistance to what is, and enjoys life tremendously. I speak of a state of full healing, of which I am not there yet, but each day I see I am less reactive,happier and enjoy simple things more.

BeiYin: Before, there has never existed real 'openness' because the person had allowed only influences that gave self-confirmation and enriched one’s established self-image. But now there is an opening of the system and one is open to receive even unknown influences. The individual starts to be capable to observe one's reactions and is not that much identified with them, with this being able to discover where the reactions are coming from and what has caused them. This then gives them possibility to make decisions, recognizing that their old behavior is worn out and belonging to the history of their personality. At this point, the horizon of awareness widens and separating boundaries are melting away. One might have the first time experience that ‘real communication' is possible because there is less need to defend one's mental and emotional property.

Betsy: yes, but still it's a long process, and there will be much tears and pain along the way, to come to a point of experiencing this daily, thus also why so many quit doing it. People have their memories of times like this and feeling the exhilaration so it's like a beacon in the dark, to wonder how come they don't feel like that all the time or today? When they realize they are indeed dark rather than light most of the time, then they come back to doing what worked in the beginning to get results. Giving up habits is hard to do, and it takes many efforts to set new ones. But mostly people don't heal because they are pain avoidant. Pain itself is the sign that one is healing, and exactly that which people want to eliminate. To continue to heal one needs to accept pain and know it to be part of the healing process, then one is not resistant to change and can learn to not identify with ‘this feeling’ of healing as negative and thus create the ideal conditions for accelerated healing.

BeiYin: All this is due to the fact that 'personality' (the illusion of existence through being identified with one's reactions and one's properties), is fading away and is being transformed into a kind of existence, which is independent of one’s body, one's emotions and one's mind. Yes, this is in fact possible, and it’s not like before where being-ness only existed through concepts, dreams, images and ideas.

Betsy: one illusion is replaced with another illusion. While in body there is no existence independent of one's body, the two are one. When you look at a cat, you know its nature, the same as with a rock. Humans are no different, if one is aware one can see it in the face/body, and there are different levels of awareness in bodies. When you let go on clinging, energy is released, this energy rises your awareness rises, your body changes, as your body changes, your senses change, as your senses change, you can sense more/differently, your awareness rises, your perception changes.

Question: How can there exist something when I'm not able to experience it with my senses and being able to understand it using the capacity of my mind? Whatever there might exist, it doesn't exist for me as long as there is no proof.

Betsy: You don't need proof of some 'phantom' god-like image like this, as its illusion anyway; energy needs matter to transport itself. You will get direct proof by healing, by seeing your body heal, and by noticing your perceptive abilities expand/change, intuition will pick up, what you can sense will be more fine, etc.

BeiYin: Talking about all this doesn’t have much practical sense because whatever is said or written, will go into the pool of one’s concepts and knowing, or if it is unknown it will be rejected using one's arsenal of arguments. So what might be a creative way to point out the same in a way that can be more widely received?

Betsy: Written information gives possibilities or other horizons, so it can raise questions in the reader and make them wonder. Yet, we know that while identified with one’s thinking, then all concepts and ideas are collected as ‘more knowledge’, which serves to strengthen the existing state: being identified with mind and personality – or of one’s reactive self. With that said, I think the only way is for people to prove it to themselves, which needs action and a good way to measure the effect of their action. I would suggest people start by doing the meditation or healing method of one’s choice twice per day, as we know this is the main way that ‘steps in awareness’ have been achieved. , But it would be really helpful if we could measure changes to the system with scientific instruments, which would take the guess work or ‘fooling oneself aspect’ out of the equation. As it is there are many who have meditated daily for many years, and are still stuck in their identification with reactive aspects of themselves, so it should be a warning that even meditation can be used to give self-confirmation for oneself. It is amazing to see that today, many who have awakened are still stuck with being identified with their self-image, and mostly this is because they have adopted a grander spiritual image. Yet, there is a known fact, that as awareness goes up, one’s bodily vibration also goes up, as one becomes less dense as matter and grows towards an energy body with an expanded and finer nervous system. To keep people on track, a simple tool that could measure muscle charge or known brain wave patterns that indicate increased vibration, would be a great feedback tool to let people know their meditation is being done effectively and they are doing it right.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can we prevent death, disease, and old age?

Can we prevent death, disease, and old age?
Comment: "We human beings have progressed a lot, we have come a long way from the stone age to the present, yet still we are to go a long way. Personally, I do not think that we have any chance of conquering the above three that is death, disease and old age."

I used to think that we couldn't, and then when something happened to me in the last two years, I started to think we could go beyond death, disease and old age.A brief history: I was meditating and working towards what might be known as 'enlightenment' for the last 15 years. Around 10 years ago I had a spiritual awakening, then after this there were steps I went through having to do with the intellect which each time would raise my awareness. Around menopause another step came that had to do with the way we respond with our emotional imprint laid down from infancy. Then after this I ramped up my work on meditation and a few years after that, there started a profound change in my physical body. Mostly this hasall been changes to the nervous system, or so I presume. I think it's a change to the nervous system, because I feel a tingly vibration in the muscles and often there are symptoms of tones in the ear and flashes of light in my head. The most interesting is that my whole skeleton is being realigned, with a kind of stretching that is done spontaneously.

When I was born I had a birth defect in the skull, which affected all the joints on the right side of my body: the TMJ, the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee. All of these joints would pop out of the joint and sort of dislocate. It seemed to just be a fluke all my life, didn't really bother me, I was athletic, etc. This is a congenital birth defect, and I can report this is nearly totally healed, my skeleton is almost straight -- still a bit left to go. This stretching that's been going on for the last two years, has loosened the sutures of the sacrum/hip and also the sutures of the bones in the cranium.

I know you won't believe this, but it's like my whole body is becoming elastic, as the fascia sheet covering all the body becomes pliable. It's like all the connections between every bone have been stretched in every direction, to remove all the cricks, tight ligaments, or restrictions of range of movement in every section of my body. The work I am doing is very much like going into a physical therapy or rehabilitation process. It's hard work, just like that to get a broken hip back to being normal. It takes time, to restore the body to the vitality of one's youth is not something that happens overnight. So far it's been three years for me doing these stretches. Many things in my body have been healed as this process goes on, I have no doubt that everything that was a problem will be totally fixed.

I don't get sick anymore, I feel more energetic each day, and my energy is soaring. One sense I get from this is that I am going in reverse, meaning I'm getting younger. Okay, it's not important for me that someone believes me that this goes on with me. Just I put this out there as a kind of precursor to tell those who truly are asking this question, that might very well be possible. I have been taking notes for each day of this amazing experience, and try to just record the facts, hoping that someday these notes are useful for others to determine what is the biological and physical reasons for this remaking of my body. From my observations I understand that in the human brain, there is the capability to self-reflect, and this is what we know as 'personality'. Yet, this structure is an intermediate step in our evolution as humans. When one meditates then what one is doing is basically withdrawing energy away from this structure, one becomes the observer of one's reflection. Each time one meditates, this structure is slowly broken down and as energy is released from ‘the store of personality’, this released energy is used to make a change in the brain (central nervous system). Eventually after enough changes are made to the CNS, it sets off a more profound change to the CNS, sort of like a domino effect.

Brain researchers are finding out today that the brain has a lot more plasticity, or ability to change itself, then we previously thought. I just saw a show and they said one could possibly live longer, just by stimulating our brains more. It's our conditioning: which is like learning something early and then just repeating that over and over all one's life, that creates ruts/tracks in the brain, which reduce plasticity and eventually cause problems such as disease in the body and aging of the brain, and then we see acquired disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. They already know this doesn't have to be. Yet, they think that to go beyond it, one way is to just learn new things, to push one's limits and go into unknown fields. This is okay, but I know there is a better way to increase brain plasticity and that is to break down the structure that is conditioning itself, and that is personality: all those learned habits and characteristics which we think are us. One will get the maximum brain plasticity, not by putting in another track or more tracks, but rather by taking out all the tracks.Well, I hope this stimulates somebody to think differently about the possibilities. We are only at the beginning to understand about the brain, aging and disease, yet I see science from all fields is coming closer to find out about the role 'personality' and how our life energy as soul is the main factor that limits our possibilities. Spirituality and science are coming closer together.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Poem: What’s it like to be aware and how does it come about?

What's it like to be aware and how does it come about?

There is no internal chatter

thinking is totally silent

knowing is instant and direct.

There is no emotion

one’s body is totally relaxed

filled with blissful tingling.

Sound has no formed edges

rather you hear all at once

extending to far reaches of cosmos.

Sight has no delineation

ones sees interacting changing shapes

expanding into distant horizons.

Touch has no barriers

vibrations blend and bodies melt

the two are merged as one.

Ones life IS transformation

spontaneously adapting to the new

no resistance, no pain, no disease, no death.

One’s body no longer confines

one can travel to far spaces

and be everywhere at once.

Upon awakening “I think therefore I am.”

is replaced with “I AM when I don’t think.”

these are changed perspectives and neither is truth.

Believing you are awake ends your evolution.

You confirm your belief by ability to willfully

focus attention when desired – which is merely meditation.

Thousands of hours of meditation will be needed

which will slowly distinguish the mirror

transforming oneself into invisible being.

Then there will be no need to stand firm

focusing intently to manifest ones energy

into one’s vibrational concept of being.

Actually, while ‘being’ it’s not possible

to ‘stand firm and observe clouds’ as

when aware there are no clouds to observe.

One no longer seeks proof that one is aware

based on what one observes and how one reacts

when one is always one with one, the meditation is over.


February 16, 2009 11:00 am