Monday, February 23, 2009

Thoughts regarding past lives

Question: "If you could live any time in history, when would you want to have been born and why?

Answer: Thoughts regarding past lives

Lately I've been thinking about past lives, about who I might have been, in what shoes I walked and what might be my purpose this time around. While I don't have answers to this right now, I do have a more general idea about past lives. Lately I recognized that I have always been around, that what I was experiencing right now was only a momentary viewpoint. When I ask “Who Am I?” then I don't feel like anybody in particular, instead I feel like I've been everybody. I feel like I've lived continuous lives and have been present in every point in the past history of this planet. My life feels to me like just one viewpoint of every life that has ever existed.

Some people ask if you could choose a time in history to go back to, what would that be, or if you could go into the future at what time would you like to go. I see that I have zero desire to go back into the past, as I realize I've already been there. I have zero desire to look into the future, because I know it hasn't happened yet, and what I might see would only be a projection coming out the current trend.

I feel content to just live this life and experience it as fully as possible. Looking at it this way, I see all the life forms as being a manifestation of ONE, but all simply having a different perspective about it. Seeing things this way, then the uniqueness that I sometimes feel as myself, disappears and I no longer feel significant. It also gives me another way to look at the current happenings.

When I see how much suffering is going on today, and I hear talk about people not wanting to bring children into the world today, I can understand why they feel like that. But also I see that this world today of growing suffering, misery and sickness is also that which is provoking all life forms into more rapid transformation - so I see there is also a sense behind it. It follows that anyone born today will face difficulty and challenges much greater than in the past, but also because we've experienced all this past before, we are already prepared and ready to face these kinds of challenges, as challenge is what helps us to evolve. I see that these dark days are having the affect to further the growing process of all. As we have all been here numerous times before, and collectively have experiences coming out of all phases of human history, then I see that we are just here again, participating together in the current happening, and this is what we should embrace - the life we have here right now and being participants in our co-existence.


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