Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can we prevent death, disease, and old age?

Can we prevent death, disease, and old age?
Comment: "We human beings have progressed a lot, we have come a long way from the stone age to the present, yet still we are to go a long way. Personally, I do not think that we have any chance of conquering the above three that is death, disease and old age."

I used to think that we couldn't, and then when something happened to me in the last two years, I started to think we could go beyond death, disease and old age.A brief history: I was meditating and working towards what might be known as 'enlightenment' for the last 15 years. Around 10 years ago I had a spiritual awakening, then after this there were steps I went through having to do with the intellect which each time would raise my awareness. Around menopause another step came that had to do with the way we respond with our emotional imprint laid down from infancy. Then after this I ramped up my work on meditation and a few years after that, there started a profound change in my physical body. Mostly this hasall been changes to the nervous system, or so I presume. I think it's a change to the nervous system, because I feel a tingly vibration in the muscles and often there are symptoms of tones in the ear and flashes of light in my head. The most interesting is that my whole skeleton is being realigned, with a kind of stretching that is done spontaneously.

When I was born I had a birth defect in the skull, which affected all the joints on the right side of my body: the TMJ, the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee. All of these joints would pop out of the joint and sort of dislocate. It seemed to just be a fluke all my life, didn't really bother me, I was athletic, etc. This is a congenital birth defect, and I can report this is nearly totally healed, my skeleton is almost straight -- still a bit left to go. This stretching that's been going on for the last two years, has loosened the sutures of the sacrum/hip and also the sutures of the bones in the cranium.

I know you won't believe this, but it's like my whole body is becoming elastic, as the fascia sheet covering all the body becomes pliable. It's like all the connections between every bone have been stretched in every direction, to remove all the cricks, tight ligaments, or restrictions of range of movement in every section of my body. The work I am doing is very much like going into a physical therapy or rehabilitation process. It's hard work, just like that to get a broken hip back to being normal. It takes time, to restore the body to the vitality of one's youth is not something that happens overnight. So far it's been three years for me doing these stretches. Many things in my body have been healed as this process goes on, I have no doubt that everything that was a problem will be totally fixed.

I don't get sick anymore, I feel more energetic each day, and my energy is soaring. One sense I get from this is that I am going in reverse, meaning I'm getting younger. Okay, it's not important for me that someone believes me that this goes on with me. Just I put this out there as a kind of precursor to tell those who truly are asking this question, that might very well be possible. I have been taking notes for each day of this amazing experience, and try to just record the facts, hoping that someday these notes are useful for others to determine what is the biological and physical reasons for this remaking of my body. From my observations I understand that in the human brain, there is the capability to self-reflect, and this is what we know as 'personality'. Yet, this structure is an intermediate step in our evolution as humans. When one meditates then what one is doing is basically withdrawing energy away from this structure, one becomes the observer of one's reflection. Each time one meditates, this structure is slowly broken down and as energy is released from ‘the store of personality’, this released energy is used to make a change in the brain (central nervous system). Eventually after enough changes are made to the CNS, it sets off a more profound change to the CNS, sort of like a domino effect.

Brain researchers are finding out today that the brain has a lot more plasticity, or ability to change itself, then we previously thought. I just saw a show and they said one could possibly live longer, just by stimulating our brains more. It's our conditioning: which is like learning something early and then just repeating that over and over all one's life, that creates ruts/tracks in the brain, which reduce plasticity and eventually cause problems such as disease in the body and aging of the brain, and then we see acquired disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. They already know this doesn't have to be. Yet, they think that to go beyond it, one way is to just learn new things, to push one's limits and go into unknown fields. This is okay, but I know there is a better way to increase brain plasticity and that is to break down the structure that is conditioning itself, and that is personality: all those learned habits and characteristics which we think are us. One will get the maximum brain plasticity, not by putting in another track or more tracks, but rather by taking out all the tracks.Well, I hope this stimulates somebody to think differently about the possibilities. We are only at the beginning to understand about the brain, aging and disease, yet I see science from all fields is coming closer to find out about the role 'personality' and how our life energy as soul is the main factor that limits our possibilities. Spirituality and science are coming closer together.


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